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Why does my auto insurance premium keep going up even though my car is getting older?

Insurance companies in Michigan must have a reason to raise rates. They are required by state government to file for any rate increase they feel they need to remain a viable & stable business. Rising costs of medical expenses have traditionally keep insurance premiums on the rise, as well as legal fees and judgements paid on behalf of insureds who are sued.

In addition, if you carry physical damage on your vehicle, did you know that is costs much more to piece a car back together part by part than to purchase a vehicle new? It doesn't matter if your car is one year old or ten years old, the part that needs to be replaced after an accident will cost basically the same. When parts & labor costs go up, it is reflected in your auto insurance premium.

The value of my home, according to the housing market, keeps going down, but my dwelling amount on my homeowners policy keeps going up. Why?

Homeowners are given a reduced rate of insurance for insuring their homes at the replacement value. The replacement value represents what the home would cost if it had to be rebuilt. Construction costs steadily increase each year based on lumber costs, transportation, cost of living, etc. While market value home insurance is available, it is much more costly to purchase and the coverage may inadequate.

What can I do to keep my insurance premiums at the lowest possible rate?

Insurance companies offer many discounts to stay competitive. Some of those are as follows:

  • Multi-Policy: try to insure your home, auto, and boat with the same company to obtain this discount.
  • Paid In Full: many insurance companies offer nice discounts if you pay your insurance in full every six months or every year.
  • Insurance Score: your insurance score is based in large part on your credit history. Pay attention and keep your credit in good standing and you will reap the rewards of lower insurance premiums. The better your score, the lower your rate of insurance.
  • Group Credit: belonging to a group such as credit union, senior group (AARP), hospital employees, school employees, engineers, college alumni, rotary club, and many more can save you money.
  • Loss History: insurance companies reward those who don't need to use their insurance by giving them credits usually at the three year mark (no claims in three years) and sometimes an additional credit at the five year mark.
  • Good Driving Discounts: you will pay less for your vehicle insurance if you keep a clean driving record. Moving violations and at-fault accidents will affect your insurance rates for 2-5 years.
Can I have someone else whose rates are lower insure my vehicle?

No. You cannot insure something that you have no insurable interest in (i.e., own) and neither can your friend/family member. This is a type of insurance fraud.


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